Certificate of Wellbeing Life Coaching

Online live Zoom learning

Dr Claire Maguire

By Dr Claire Maguire

Share your passion for wellbeing to help empower and transform people

Certificate of Wellbeing Life Coaching

Online live Zoom learning

Dr Claire Maguire

By Dr Claire Maguire

Share your passion
for wellbeing
to help empower
and transform people

Our 5-day certified course gives you the skills & confidence to be an exceptional wellbeing life coach - whether you want to build a successful business or enhance your current profession.

This accredited wellbeing coaching course includes life coaching skills plus effective health & wellness coaching techniques including coaching practise with fellow students.

Plus Bonus Modules covering the practical aspects of setting up & running your business.

It is a live Zoom group class so you fast-track to become a wellbeing life coach.

We love the advantages of the shared group dynamic for in-depth learning and the interactive support it provides.

"Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and expertise with so much passion - it’s been a fantastic week and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the training." Belle B.

You receive your Certificate of Wellbeing Life Coaching plus become a member of The Association of Coaching.

You can then start coaching as soon as you finish.

Our Zoom virtual classroom is delivered by Dr Claire Maguire over 5 days (Monday through Friday), together with a dedicated support group.

With the growing importance of wellbeing and emotional health, it's an opportune time to get involved.

Zoom learning from home

We start with a short welcome on the Sunday evening.

Each day from Monday to Friday starts at 9.30am and finishes at 5.30pm, with time for breaks and lunch. On Friday we include time for Q&A plus discussion, so we may finish a little earlier.

We work intensively over the week as we share lots of knowledge, information and answer all your questions.

Time will also need to be allocated for homework to consolidate your learning.

We welcome you to a vibrant, encouraging and supportive classroom environment.

"It was a fabulous course. Incredibly inspiring and worthwhile. If you are thinking about it, just go for it, you won’t regret it." Geraldine M.

Wellbeing Coach Training

Course Modules

Value led learning

1. Your Role as a Wellbeing Coach: how you can help

2. Emotional Health: for improved holistic wellness

3. Managing Stress: effective tools to control stress

4. Coping+Food Relationship: strategies for change

5. Meditation+Breath: why this helps our wellbeing

6. Self-love+Self-care: looking after oneself

7. Coaching Skills: effective client communication

8. Coaching Models: applying strategies to help clients

9. Coaching Parameters: boundaries, ethics & options

10. Getting Organised: your offering and ideal client

11. Set for Success: planning your future & development
12. BONUS Marketing Modules: get your business up & running quickly

5-Day Live Program

Virtual Classroom

Zoom learning from home

Course Price: £1,997 (incl VAT)

5 days learning led by Dr Claire Maguire

Specially designed for wellbeing

Plus essential life coaching skills

Live hands-on teaching (NOT pre-recorded)

Time to ask questions, interact with teachers and the other students

Printed course manual

Certificate of Wellbeing Life Coaching

Association for Coaching Membership

Raw Horizons Academy Community for ongoing support

Safe, small group environment

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"Thank you so much Claire, your knowledge and warmth as a person shone through the whole time and to be able to deliver the amount of information you did in the space of 5 days is mind-blowing! Incredible, thank you..." Sophie S.

Accredited by the Association for Coaching, our course is designed by Dr Claire Maguire to give you the confidence and skills to become an exceptional wellbeing life coach.

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"It was one year ago that I completed the training to become a certified wellbeing coach with an amazingly inspirational and diverse group of people. A huge thank you to everyone who has helped me to bring my vision into reality 🙂 Roll on year 2!!" Lynsay L.

As well as 5-days learning, our prices include the course manual, a Certificate of Wellbeing Life Coaching, Student Membership with the Association for Coaching plus access to our private support group.

If you have any questions or need further information

Email us: [email protected]


Call us on:  +44 (0)333 050 6987

Accredited Coach Training Course - Association for Coaching

Some feedback from our Wellbeing Coach Training Course:

"Thank you so much for delivering such a wonderful course. I can't believe how much we covered in 5 days. I really recommend this to anyone interested in Wellbeing and who is looking into becoming a coach. Just do it! You won't regret it."

"Dear Claire,
Firstly can I say a huge thank you from the bottom of my heart for the most superb week I have had with you. It’s such an awesome course and words can’t describe how absolutely amazing you are. You are one incredibly talented lady with such an aura of kindness, caring, love and fun. I feel so blessed to have trained with you. Thank you xx."

"I wanted to get in touch to say a huge thank you for the amazing course last week. I really enjoyed it and it helped clarify a lot of my thoughts and feelings about the direction I want my life to go in...feeling positive and inspired!"

"The Wellbeing Coach Training Course was huge – so much covered in the course of the week – Claire is so knowledgeable, generous and open, authentic and so welcoming throughout the delivery of the training. All at Raw Horizon really care about the whole process and the people attending. Every detail was taken care of and I’m feeling very grateful that I chose this team and especially Dr Claire Maguire for my education in this field.
I have now achieved my aim to now be able to go out into the world expressing my heart, the coaching and my purpose with this training and qualification – many thanks."

"I want to say a huge thank you for the course. After having time to digest it all I have realised just how much I learnt not just about coaching but about myself too. Thank you for helping me build my confidence to change my career."

"What a week! Heartfelt thanks from us all for so inspirationally sharing SO much knowledge and experience with momentum, insight and panache. This will profoundly change us all for the better and quickly set us on our new coaching path. Thank you. With love and best wishes…"

"Thank you so much for the amazing life-changing course ♥️"

“I've just finished the wellbeing coach training course it was really useful and transforming. I've worked in the area running my own wellbeing programmes for the NHS and now have the courage & validity to value my skills and gained confidence in my own abilities to do this as a business. Claire was incredibly motivational...more importantly very real and has valid experience in life, ultimately that's what makes a good coach I think. It might sound a big statement but it was truly one of the most important weeks of my life - it validated everything I was thinking and feeling as a person and everything I believed that I could give us a coach x”

"Claire, thank you so much for the training week. It's quite a talent to keep the group's energy levels up online and you did a fantastic job. Great content and an excellent teacher."

“The 5 day coaching course was everything that I hoped it would be and I feel it has really given me the tools to start running my own coaching service straight away. The course helped me to consolidate my ideas, identify my individual strengths and has guided me in all of the practical aspects of turning these into a business. I highly recommend this wonderfully enriching experience to anyone considering starting their own coaching business.”

“The course was professional, fun and thought provoking. The experience surpassed all my expectations. I cannot recommend this course highly enough. Thank you so much.”

"The Wellbeing coaching course was a fantastic experience and opportunity. A really well devised intense programme that has given me the confidence, knowledge and skills to embark on this as my new career. Claire led the course with such authenticity, honesty and humour, which was just perfect for my learning needs. The 5 days were such an amazing and transformational time for me. Thank you so much x"

"It was the most inspiring course I have attended. I have learned so much I recommend it to anyone who is considering. Don’t think twice! Book it."

"I have been playing with the idea of turning my passion of health and happiness into a career for a few years. After quitting my corporate job, I started to develop some concepts and tools to share with potential clients but I was stuck in a bit of a rut in terms of how to turn these ideas and concepts into a successful business. I was also filled with self doubt...constantly questioning myself about whether I could really make this work.

The Raw Horizons Wellbeing Coach Course provided some really solid practical tools to assist me in achieving this. I have come away feeling focussed and more determined than ever that this is the right career path for me! Claire was inspirational! My fellow students were from all different demographics and I feel the course was adapted and delivered to suit every one of our needs!

I know this sounds cheesy but I honestly could not recommend the course more highly!"