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A Meditation For Self Renewal

meditation for self renewal

You may be wondering, just what is ‘self-renewal’? And why do I want to meditate on it?

Well, self-renewal can mean different things. On a short-term and immediate basis, you might be looking at recovering from physical or mental exertion that has left us exhausted and needing a boost of energy. Alternatively, you could be focused on a more long-term objective of self-healing.

Self-renewal is all about transforming yourself, gaining a fresh lease of life and feeling revived. Many of us will be craving these effects as we creep into the tail end of January, a notoriously tricky month as we try to regain some normality and balance after the madness of festivities and the New Year. Any time of the year, this is a great meditation to use. 

The process of self-renewal is of paramount importance when taking care of your general wellbeing, it’s vital that we check in with ourselves from time to time to ensure we don’t fall into ruts which can hinder any positive changes or personal growth. Once you get your head around the idea of self-renewal, it can be a really simple and rewarding concept.

Put simply, anything productive that you spend time doing, can be categorised as a self-renewal exercise. For some this may be working on their physical fitness, training hard in the gym or running. For others this will be broadening their horizons through reading and continued learning. It can be a combination of all sorts of different hobbies and activities.

Taking time to relax, reflect and look inwards on a daily basis is the root of self-renewal and yoga and meditation practises are perfect for this. Meditation can be a little daunting or confusing if you are new to it, but it really needn’t be. We’ve made the following video, a meditation especially for self-renewal, for you to follow along at home.

See if you can commit to practising this short meditation daily and notice yourself feeling completely renewed and ready to take on the new you!

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