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About Us

Raw Horizons Wellbeing Academy was established by Dr Claire Maguire to provide small exclusive training courses specialising in Wellbeing Coach Training courses. Developed and taught personally by Dr Maguire herself, her exclusive AC Accredited training courses ensure she gives her full attention, expertise and encouragement.

claire-round-4She is passionate about life coaching and the benefits that can be derived from it. With her emphasis on Wellbeing Coaching, Dr Maguire specialises in training a small number of new life coaches of exceptional quality and integrity in this rapidly growing and exciting market.

She is leading by example, as she also runs her successful private life coaching practice plus renowned residential wellbeing retreat programmes, Raw Horizons Wellbeing Retreat, at Split Farthing Hall.

The inspiration to create Raw Horizons came after Claire was diagnosed, at the age of 37, with breast cancer. Although Claire was already practising as a wellbeing life coach, this traumatic event shattered her own self-confidence and values about body image, making her realise the importance of loving our bodies as they are, accepting who we are, being passionate about our lives and being kind to ourselves.

Andrea MaguireUsing methods and techniques that Claire herself used to regain her own self-confidence, re-set her goals, recreate a positive body image and feel fabulous, she is now passionate about helping others achieve this and become the person they deserve to be.

Whilst Dr Maguire was the tour-de-force behind Raw Horizons Academy, Andrea Maguire also contributes to the curriculum in her business related fields of expertise.

Andrea has many years of working in private enterprise, from starting her own IT/website design business to consulting for luxury brands. Her background as an engineer means she enjoys all the technical aspects.

Whilst Claire Maguire, wellbeing coach & food relationship expert, has developed her own proprietary programme for wellbeing coaching, Andrea Maguire (her step-mother) is integral in presenting the business related areas.

‘Thank you Claire for the inspiration and the whole experience. I loved everything about the week.’ June R.

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