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Boundary Line

When was the last time you evaluated your boundaries?

If we don’t set boundaries with people and check in with these from time to time, then they can end up overlooked entirely as we spread ourselves too thin by trying to keep everybody happy. This viscous cycle can leave you exhausted and burnt out.

Make your boundaries clear to your friends, family and colleagues, don’t compromise and allow yourself to be taken advantage of. Once you do this you can be sure to feel free of those pressures and have more time to prioritise yourself.

Then there are the boundaries that we set with ourselves which are just as important to address. Listen as Claire explains why it’s vital to pay attention to these… 

Take some time this weekend to review your boundaries, the ones you have with other people and the ones you’ve set with yourself. Make sure you are strict with them and see the difference this makes to your life.

Have a beautiful weekend x

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