Breaking Free – Overcoming Self-Sabotage

– Overcoming Self-Sabotage

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Edited by Linda Ellis Eastman, The Professional Woman Network.

This powerful book authored by top international coaches, consultants and experts, including our very own Dr Claire Maguire, is a must-read for all women who are seek new strategies for breaking free from limitations and embracing a new life filled with confidence and higher self-esteem.

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The twenty three diverse chapters cover topics concerning health, wellness, finances, chaos, negative self-talk, overcoming fear and setting boundaries.  The authors share powerful steps to help you overcome your personal and professional barriers and help you break free from old habits and step into a ‘new you’.

Claire’s chapter, ‘Stop with the Cruel Words: Release the Inner Critic Putting You Down’  leads you through the process to truly break free from self-sabotage and liberate your internal critic, allowing you to believe in your abilities, radiate confidence and attract what you desire into your life…

The other inspiring contributions are written by internationally acclaimed leading coaches and authors from around the world, including the UK, USA, Canada, France, Italy, Mexico & Brazil. The inspirational Table of Contents reads:

  1. Juracy Johnson, Regaining Self-Confidence as a Latin American Woman
  2. Rachela Leonello, How to Build a Healthy Self-Esteem & Stand Up to Your Internal Saboteur
  3. Michelle Lewis, Negative Self Talk and the Sabotage Cycle
  4. Hueina Su, Taming the Invisible Chaos
  5. Gabriela Eikeland, Empower Yourself through Stress Management
  6. Janet Stevenson, Steps to Self-Awareness
  7. Christine Sopa, Your Relationships Are Only as Healthy as You Are
  8. Dr Claire Maguire, Stop with the Cruel Words: Release the Inner Critic Putting You Down
  9. Di McLanachan, Your ‘Inner Pendulum’
  10. Karen Donald, Second Chance Living
  11. Janet Christensen, Standing in Your Personal Power
  12. Barbara Cormack, Unconscious Awareness
  13. Denise Norberg Johnson, Sabotage as a Defining Moment – Reframing our Concept of Success
  14. Lisa Montalva, Sabotage: the Consequence of Fear
  15. Amaryllis Alexander, De-clutter Your Mind
  16. Anton Gayton, There is No Silver Bullet
  17. Lori Ruff, Breaking Free: Becoming a Passionate Social Influencer
  18. Felicia Shaw, I am Enough
  19. Vanessa Shaw, 7 Steps to Greater Business and Spiritual Success
  20. Mala Shah, Mission to Success
  21. Dr Angela Clack, Learning to Love Yourself: Healing from the Inside Out
  22. Linda Rose Mongell, Out with the Frumpy and in with the Fabulous
  23. Dawn Campbell, Food: Our Secret Relationship

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327 pages
ISBN 13: 978-0-9886462-3-0