Course Modules

Course Modules

Wellbeing is defined as health, happiness and success.

This accredited life coaching course covers the fundamentals of life coaching, understanding wellbeing, a wide variety of coaching techniques and tools, the business aspects of setting up and running your business plus practical coaching practise with fellow students.

We study the framework of emotional health and wellness to promote resilience, vitality and purpose.

Areas covered during this comprehensive 5-day program include:

  1. Your Role as a Wellbeing Coach: defining wellbeing coach and how you can help your clients.
  2. Emotional Health: understand the science of the mind, mastering habits & improved holistic health.
  3. Managing Stress: learn effective tools to deal with and control stress and overwhelm.
  4. Coping + Food Relationship: strategies to elicit change and overcome emotional eating.
  5. Meditation + Breath: understand how and why this is of great benefit to your clients.
  6. Self-Love + Self-Care: help clients discover the benefits of looking after themselves.
  7. Coaching Skills: how to build client rapport and effective communication expertise.
  8. Coaching Models: applying various coaching techniques to expand your clients’ vision & motivate change.

The practical side of a coaching business are also important, so we delve into how to build a successful practice:

  1. Coaching Parameters: the practicalities of coaching clients, boundaries & ethics, & coaching options.
  2. Getting Organised: uncover your unique abilities & offering & identify your ideal client.
  3. Set for Success: planning your future and understanding the value of self-development.

BONUS Modules: Extra business & marketing modules are also included to help you get your coaching business up and running quickly:

  1. Practical Details: we cover topics such as insurance needs and data protections factors.
  2. Marketing Yourself: we examine various marketing methods for online and printed media including lead generation strategies and top marketing tips.
  3. Website Considerations: discover how to easily get your first beautiful website, learn key design aspects plus important SEO fundamentals.
  4. Your Business Plan: we provide a purpose made business plan guideline for wellbeing coaches, reviewing issues such as set-up options, legal considerations & insurance concerns.

You also get the opportunity to develop your new coaching skills.

Certification & Membership:

A Certificate of Wellbeing Life Coaching is awarded to those who complete the 5 day course. As an accredited course, this qualification is recognised by The Association for Coaching.

Plus you're also registered as a student member of the Association for Coaching so you have access to their wealth of information.

You'll be invited to join our private Raw Horizons Academy Community for ongoing support and motivation.

This is all included in the cost of the course.

You are then set up for success and ready to start your new career as a wellbeing life coach.

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‘Thank you Claire. Your program is carefully and thoughtfully structured.’ Sharon P.