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Concept Statement – Raw Horizons

Raw Horizons

Concept Statement

Below is the original Concept Statement from which we launched The Retreat at Split Farthing Hall in our lovely restored home in beautiful North Yorkshire.

A well-being retreat for mind, body & soul focussing on empowering individuals to reclaim their life, health and vitality.

By providing an elegant, luxurious, peaceful and safe environment we enable people to:

  • Explore their inner beliefs and values ,
  • Connect with their emotions and capabilities,
  • Evaluate their goals and ambitions,
  • Develop behaviour & thinking to assist them in attaining these new goals
  • To retreat to restart their lives…

Our concept is based on the holistic approach to helping people reach their full potential. This approach includes:

  • Atmosphere & surroundings – our retreat is located in the beautiful North Yorkshire countryside where calm and serenity prevails providing a peaceful environment for reflective personal contemplation.
  • Luxury & elegance – our 250 year old farm house has been beautifully restored with every modern convenience to provide sophistication, luxury and comfort.
  • Eco-conscious – our food is organic or biodynamic & sourced locally where possible. Our toiletries are made from 100% natural ingredients, free of parabens, sulphates and other unpleasant ingredients.
  • Food & diet – our cuisine is based on the living food/raw food concept using organic and provenance certified produce.  We show how food affects mood and emotions.  By removing highly processed food from the diet, the thought processes clear to reveal beliefs and feelings that had remained suppressed.  Recipe demonstrations & classes show how simple and easy these healthy meals are to prepare.
  • Body – basic health is of utmost importance to achieving new goals.  By offering yoga, tai chi and pilates classes the inner core strength and general well-being is improved and enhanced by a gentle, low impact process.  Personal pampering time is also important, so massages and therapeutic therapies are also essential offerings…
  • Mind & Soul – life coaching classes help people explore their inner beliefs and core values, assisting the discovery of new goals and ambitions.  Utilising NLP techniques and personal development coaching, positive behaviour patterns are developed to support achieving these new aspirations.
  • Education – teaching the basics of healthy eating, enjoyable exercise and continuing personal growth is the foundation of The Retreat at Split Farthing Hall.  Our aim is for people to leave the retreat with a new set of skills which aid continuing self-development.

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