Creating a Blueprint for Inner Change

– Tools for Personal Growth…

International Press Release

Edited by Linda Ellis Eastman, The Professional Woman Network

This powerful book authored by top international coaches, consultants and experts, including our very own Dr Claire Maguire, is a must-read for all women who are seeking tools for inner change and personal growth.

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The fifteen diverse chapters cover topics concerning Diet and Nutrition, Stress, Transformation, Power and Influence, Forgiveness, Change and Transition, the Power of Release, Overcoming Fear, Creating Results and Financial Freedom.

Claire has the honour of being Chapter 1 with ‘Transform Yourself with Food: How Diet can Influence Your Life’ which focuses on how what you eat affects your energy, vibrancy and vitality. By following her easy steps towards achievable goals you can create the life of your dreams using food as your friend…

Written by internationally acclaimed leading coaches and authors from around the world, including the UK, USA, Canada, France, Hong Kong & Japan, the inspirational Table of Contents reads:

  1. Dr Claire Maguire, Transform Yourself with Food: How Diet can Influence Your Life
  2. Penny Ferguson, Stress Can Be a Choice
  3. Lynn Anderson, Transforming From the Inside Out
  4. Riki Lovejoy, Construction By Others
  5. Karen Hunter, Power & Influence – Use It or Lose It!
  6. Dr Joanne Calabro, Why Should I Forgive You When You have Shattered My Life? The Power of Forgiveness
  7. Adair Good, Making a Sea Change
  8. Donna Parker, Power of Release
  9. Cathy Obright, Stress Relief: Putting Yourself First
  10. Chala Dincoy, The Anxious Small Business: A Blueprint to Lose Your Fear
  11. Nashawn Turner, Lights, Camera. Action! Starring in the Role of Your Life by Rewriting the Script
  12. Dr Amicitia Maloon-Gibson, Leading Change: A Spiritual Path Vision
  13. Marian Holton Manuel, Changing the World One Person at a Time
  14. Janet Christensen, Creating Results: Harnessing Intention, Attention and Action
  15. Clare Turner Marshall, A Blueprint for Financial Freedom

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203 pages
ISBN: 978-0-9858142-1-2