Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the Frequently Asked Questions we receive. If you still have any other questions or need any further information, please feel free to Contact Us:

As more and more people deal with stress and low energy, are overwhelmed with frustration and self-doubt, they are turning to positive ways to overcome these pressures. Enter the role of the wellbeing coach; to re-motivate, re-inspire, re-energise and help people get back on track and achieve more out of life.

Based on the same underlying foundations as Life Coaching, a wellbeing coach is there to guide his or her client to bring about a clearer understanding of their issues or concerns, help to reframe and re-interpret, look forward to their aspirations and the goals they wish to achieve, and inspire the necessary changes in their behaviour to ensure the realisation of those objectives and desires.

By skilfully listening, questioning, reflecting, encouraging, challenging and supporting, a wellbeing coach guides their client to look to the future by helping them design and execute their own solutions to their problems and challenges.

Our Wellbeing Coach Training programme is suitable for all types of people.

Coaching is all about delivering great results for your clients and the passion of the coach to empower their clients to live the life they desire is of utmost importance.

Students include those working in the corporate arena who wish to add to their current qualifications, holistic practitioners who wish to complement their existing skills and individuals looking for a new rewarding career.

The following is a good indication of who is suited to this course:

  • People who are passionate about helping others live to their full potential
  • People who are passionate about their own personal development and who are searching for personal growth in their lives
  • People who want to run their own business that offers a fulfilling and rewarding career
  • People who wish to add these valuable tools and techniques to their current skill set
  • People who are serious about learning these skills quickly and effectively.

Yes, our course is accredited with the Association for Coaching, the UK’s largest independent, professional body dedicated to promoting best practice and raising the awareness and standards of coaching, worldwide.

An additional and exclusive benefit for students enrolling on our course is that you will be automatically enrolled as Student Members with the Association for Coaching (AC) at no additional cost.

This provides you with access to the wealth of information and support that is available from the Association, at a time when you will be embarking upon your coaching career. Student Membership is provided for a full 12 months. You can upgrade your membership to Associate or Member at any time.

The benefits include:

  • Access to reference materials and research within the members only area.
  • Receive guidance and support to start up and grow a successful coaching business through local events, webinars, podcasts and online resources.
  • Join the networking and discussion groups and share your news and views through the online forums or seek out others for support and advice.
  • Get exclusive access to the AC’s Knowledge Bank where you’ll find cutting-edge online interviews and podcasts of top industry experts speaking on hot coaching topics.
  • Gain first-hand knowledge into latest industry trends via the AC’s growing library of market research reports.

By gaining recognition of your training in this way, you are set to become a skilled professional coach with quality credentials and real credibility.

No, not at all.

With the huge growth of high speed internet coverage, many life coaches are internet based, virtual businesses.

Coaching can easily be done by phone, Zoom or Skype as it is both convenient and cheap. Many clients find this aspect a big bonus as they do not have to travel to you plus they feel they can be totally open with you as it’s more ‘anonymous’.

So, as a life coach, the whole world is at your fingertips…

We believe that being ‘older’ is definitely not a problem for a life coach as the role of a coach is to help someone achieve their personal life goals by asking the right questions and guiding them along their path.

Being older can actually be a positive as a life coach needs to be someone your clients can trust and confide in. Someone who is older then has that life experience and maturity to inspire confidence.

So the real question is whether you have the right attitude, qualities and skills to be a great life/wellbeing coach. This means a passion for working with people, having an open, inquiring mind and being non-judgmental of others.

We then teach you the skills and techniques to become a great coach; skills which you can then adapt and develop to suit your unique style and your chosen area of coaching.

We believe that the Raw Horizons Wellbeing Coach Training program and certification requirements will well equip you with the tools and techniques you need to be a skilled and highly professional life coach anywhere in the world. We have had students from South Africa, France, Australia, the Middle East and the USA join us.

The live classroom format is what enables you to learn quickly. We love the advantages of the group dynamic for learning and the interactive support it provides.

It is an intensive 5 days and you will be busy learning lots of things.

The course modules are taught between 9.30am to 5.30pm with some short tea breaks and a longer lunch break. There will also be some 'homework' to do in the evenings.

There are many benefits to joining an intensive 5-day course compared to a traditional online course or distance learning program. With a comprehensive fast-track course the advantages are:

  • Reduced distractions so your full focus and concentration is on your course
  • Direct contact with your program teacher
  • Questions and queries are answered immediately
  • Benefit from group discussions and feedback with your fellow students
  • Meet like-minded people, all with similar goals and ambitions
  • Opportunity to practise your new coaching skills with your fellow students
  • ‘Fast-track’ your way to completing your course in just 5 days and starting your new career

Compare this with traditional online courses and distance learning where everyday life and chores get in the way; where balancing work and personal commitments leave you too tired to concentrate; where it can take months, even years, to struggle through the program.

Our programs are for men and women serious about wanting to change their life and start their new exciting career path helping others live the life they desire.

Yes, our course will definitely help you start your own wellbeing coaching business as we cover the practical side of running a coaching practice plus the business aspects of setting up and managing your business, including areas such as:

  • Working with Clients: learn the practicalities of a coaching business; how to set up calls, pre and post questionnaires, creating client-coach boundaries and confidentiality. We examine ethics, confidentiality and keeping records.
  • Brand Building: we delve into your story, experiences, talents, passions and skills so you can uncover exactly what you offer a potential client and how you can uniquely help them.
  • Business Development: understanding your ideal client will powerfully set you up with a way to connect and talk directly to your potential new clients.
  • Coaching Options: appreciate the different ways to coach individuals and the concept of coaching packages.

Plus BONUS Marketing Content: Extra business marketing modules are also included to help you get your coaching business up and running:

  • Marketing Yourself: we introduce various marketing methods for online and printed media including lead generation strategies and top marketing tips.
  • Website Considerations: discover how to easily get your first beautiful website, learn key design aspects plus important SEO fundamentals.
  • Your Business Plan: we provide a purpose made business plan guideline for wellbeing coaches, reviewing issues such as set-up options, legal considerations & insurance concerns.

People attend this course for a number of reasons. One is to add skills learned on our course to their existing skill set. Another is to evolve their business and add the wellbeing dimension to what they already offer. Others successfully set up their new meaningful career as a wellbeing life coach.