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– Mind, Body & Spirit

International Press Release

Edited by Linda Ellis Eastman, The Professional Woman Network.

This powerful book authored by top international wellness coaches, consultants and experts, including our very own Dr Claire Maguire, is a must-read for all women who desire a more healthy life – emotionally, physically and spiritually.

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The twenty six diverse chapters cover topics dealing with stress, benefits of self-care, nutritional healing, life after abuse, following your vision, the mind/body connection, coping with depression and how to live a healthier life.

Claire’s chapter, ‘Putting YOU First: The Benefits of Exhilarating Self-Care’ shows you how to set rituals to form the basis of your ability to feel good about yourself always, to allow you to fill yourself with love and appreciation of who you are, which in turn allows you the capability to give more love and support to others.  It makes you less selfish – not more – as you have more to give…

The other inspiring contributions are written by internationally acclaimed leading wellness experts from around the world, including the UK, USA & France. The inspirational Table of Contents reads:

  1. Marcie Wingfield Shanks, Getting Well: A Multi-Disciplinary Approach
  2. Linda Foley Woodrum, Eating Well: Simple Steps to Better Health and Wellness
  3. Deborah Little, Listening to the Silence
  4. Dr Whitney Gabhart, Hormones – Chemical Masterminds
  5. Dawn Peters, Food: Is it Fueling or Failing You?
  6. Dr Claire Maguire, Putting YOU First: The benefits of Exhilarating Self-Care
  7. Chyna McGarity-Nambo, Life After Abuse: Rebuilding Your Self-Esteem
  8. Dawn Campbell, Water Fasting – Not Just for Yogis!
  9. Janice Coleman, I Did It! You Can Too!
  10. Dr Stacy Francis, Living Life… Only Healthier
  11. Chere Cofield, Stress – The Silent Killer
  12. Dr Heather J. Clark, Restore Yoru Adrenal Function to Reclaim Your Vitality
  13. Andrea Sharp, We Are What We Think
  14. Michelle Porchia, Ten Steps to Self-Innergize
  15. Peg Fields, The Real Secret is Revealed! The Truth About Conscious Manifesting
  16. Wanda Davis, Healing Your Energy Body
  17. Dr Autumn Robinson Eugene,  Quality of Life: Our Search for the Holy Grail
  18. Ophelia Rigault, Coming Out of the Dark by Living by D.I.V.I.N.E.
  19. Darlene Hunter, The Healing Heart
  20. Dr Joanne Siebert, Aligned in Life
  21. Dr Vanessa Walker, Honoring the Journey: From Loss to Legacy
  22. Barbara Cormack, Invisible Energies
  23. Susan Rydberg, Food Allergies: Learning to Live Without
  24. Gwendolyn F. Sutton, Nurturing from the Inside Out
  25. Rachel Moore, Mind Your Vision
  26. Kim Evans, Discover the Power Within – Create Exceptional Health of Body, Mind and Spirit

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387 pages
ISBN 13: 978-0-9886462-4-7