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Mission Accomplished!


Doctor-2 The visit with my father to his cardiologist went well in that he agreed for my father to come off Lipitor immediately. The condition is that he goes back to see him again in one month’s time to tell him how he feels.

The doctor agreed that cholesterol was not the problem and when I suggested that dad should have his blood tested again in a few months after being off statins, he replied that it wasn’t necessary.

What I find odd is that as he wasn’t worried about dad going straight off Lipitor, why had he put dad on 80mg Lipitor in the first place?

There’s a theory that doctors are putting people on drugs in order to ‘cover their behinds’. The theory is that if the patient then develops a bad side effect then the drug company will take the blame and they can afford it. However, if the doctor recommends that the patient not go on any drugs and something bad happens, then it is he, the doctor, who will be blamed and possibly taken to court…

Anyway I’m glad he’s off them and we’ll see how he goes. In the meantime, I’ve given him a multi-vitamin designed for men, a CoQ10 supplement as this is affected by statins, coconut oil to ward of any bacteria causing inflammation and told him to eat more liver…

Let’s see how the month goes…

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