Split Farthing Hall

Nearly There…

With my parents visiting and the house getting close to being finished, it was such a hectic June that I never got the opportunity to write anything!

So to bring you up to date, I’ve included some photos of what we’ve been doing and how it’s all looking.

FirepitThe main house is complete, paintings are up, we’ve inaugurated our dining room with our first family dinner and the fire pit has been had its first marshmallows toasted over it.

Our new driveway is now sealed, so hopefully no more dust! Plus I spent a lot of time with my parents getting the garden into shape – we planted pots and found the perfect (family) tree for the terrace – a beautiful golden birch…


The field has been the most amazing colour, full of red poppies, for weeks.  I was told the little white flower was chamomile but I didn’t believe it until the field was cut a few days ago – the aroma was so strong, it was definitely chamomile!  Even the cats smell of it when they come in after prowling all night…

I had a wonderful month with my parents and am looking forward to sharing the house with everyone on the Retreat very soon…

The Retreat at Split Farthing Hall – the place to restart…

New Terrace Tree



Drawing Room

The Orangery
Dinner Party
The Library