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Not so fishy!


A small article caught my eye in the news early this week – “Fish oil IV drip boost to intensive care”.  It mentioned that hospital trials involving adding fish oil to the intravenous nutrition of patients suffering from systemic inflammatory response syndrome recovered much quicker than those still on the regular treatment.

That sounds sensible to me as fish is high in omega-3 and omega-3 is considered to be anti-inflammatory in nature (see my blog – Not too much, not too little, but just right…).  Why does everyone sound surprised by this result? 

What shocked me most was the further revelation that the fish oil replaced another fat that is normally used in the regular treatment – soybean oil  Now soy is high in omega-6 and high levels of omega-6 are associated with an increased tendency to form blood clots, inflammation, high blood pressure, irritation of the digestive tract, depressed immune function, sterility, cell proliferation, cancer and weight gain (for more detail see my blog pages: Understanding the chemistry of fats, part 1 – Too much omega-6 & Part 2 – Composition of different fats).

I honestly can’t believe that soybean oil is purposely added to a ‘nutritional’ mixture which is meant to cure very sick people with inflammatory problems!  Actually I’m outraged… And it wouldn’t surprise me if the reason that soy oil is used rather than fish oil is because it is a cheaper form of fat…

This example just confirms my concern that modern soy is everywhere and potentially making us a sick nation!

Say No to Soy…


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