Raw Horizons

Raw Horizons

We made a momentous decision yesterday – to be totally organic by 1 March 2009 in everything.  Actually it was scary to think that everything I currently used not only had to change to something new but I also had to find it all in 3 weeks!  The thought of the cost of changing everything over – laundry powder, toilet paper, soap etc – was also daunting.

Luckily we sobered up and adapted our plan slightly today so that we’re still aiming to go fully organic for food by 1 March, but the other household items we’ll change as and when they finish and need replacing.

So my plan is to document our journey to going organic…  But it’s not just ‘organic’ that’s important to us.  Actually it’s too limiting a word to cover our philosophy as it’s so much broader, so perhaps I’ll just use the description ‘holistic’ instead.

So what is our holistic philosophy towards food? Well it’s all about SHOPping:

Sensible – even though this is so important it’s still not everything and there are decisions to be made…

Health – how do we make sure we live to ripe old age with all our facilities?

Organic – avoid hormones, steroids, GM, antibiotics, pesticides as these things can’t be good for you!

Provenance – the origin of the food is so important, particularly for animal products.  How was it raised? Was it a happy beast?

And how did we get here?  It started with my step-daughter getting serious with the raw food diet, which started my husband, Mike, questioning ‘what is the perfect diet?’.  Along with a desire to live to a ripe old age with perfect health in both body and particularly the mind, this lead to Mike spending the whole of our Christmas break delving seriously into health research in all facets of diet – cholesterol, saturated fat, cereal grains, soy, omega 3, fluoride etc…

So here we are, searching for the perfect diet and what follows is our journey…

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