Spreading the word – or not!

As you should know by now, the provenance of my food is what is so important to me.  And that is why I’ve always been an advocate of the Irish Kerrygold spreadable butter – it was the only spreadable butter made from just 100% grass fed milk.  It could only be made from the milk at a certain time of year when the grass produced milk with just the right fat content to enable it to be soft and spreadable without any additives.  You couldn’t get much better than that!  (see my blog – Betty bought some butter)

But I noticed recently that my supermarket had stopped stocking it.  At first I got annoyed with the shop, but after looking at the Kerrygold website, to my dismay I see that they now a have a ‘new’ spreadable butter which is made with oil – OH NO!!!!!  The original spreadable butter is no longer listed – OH NO!!!!!

I do have to say that at least the oil they add is olive oil (but I doubt its cold pressed and it still has to be ‘processed’, so are we now introducing trans-fats? ).  So I guess there’s no more spreadable butter for me any more.

Only grass-fed milk, hard butter blocks from now on – no more Irish; only Yorkshire blocks of butter from now on…

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