Low Fat Brainwash

The Low Fat Brainwash

I’m still amazed at how the low-fat theory is so deeply ingrained in people’s minds.  Recently I’ve heard a number of stories of people who are convinced that if they eat ‘low fat’ all day then it’s okay to eat a whole Mars Bar before going to bed…  Or those that won’t eat ‘fat’ but then eat a huge bowl of pasta every evening for dinner, and then they all wonder why they can’t lose weight!

They don’t seem to realise that sugar (and starchy carbohydrates) makes you put on weight – not the fat itself…  Also processed low-fat meals remove the fat but replace it with sugar (read my blogs ‘Brain Food’ & ‘Sugar Sucks’)

I suppose with adverts on TV such as the one for Quorn telling you to make your spaghetti bolognaise ‘healthy’ by taking out the ‘fatty’ mince meat and replacing it with low-fat Quorn, one can’t really blame them!  I’m not sure I like the sound of how Quorn is made so I guess I need to do some research into that, but as my philosophy is basically to avoid highly processed foods of any kind, then Quorn definitely fits into that sector…

Of course, one still has to remember the difference between good & bad fats.  That can also be difficult for people to accept that saturated fat is good and poly-unsaturated fats (and margarine) are bad…  But then the saturated fat needs to be from grass fed animals, not grain fed (see my blog ‘Fats’ category) so that the omega 3 – omega 6 ratios are right…

It’s all very confusing and since we’ve all been so brainwashed over the past years, I think we all should be kidnapped and reprogrammed.  Maybe that’s the whole purpose for my new retreat?

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