Organic Veg

The Organic Fruit & Veg Hunt

Returning to Perth, Australia after spending so many years in the USA and the UK is quite a change with regard to this new way of life. Actually it’s quite a challenge – especially in regard to the choice and selection of organic fruit and vegetables available in the local supermarket (or lack of…).

We’ve been used to living around the corner from Wholefoods in Houston and Waitrose and M&S in Central London where the choice of organic produce is overwhelming all the time! Now back here in Perth, we’re astonished at the lack of availability in the local shops. It certainly has become my mission to track down something else organic besides just cabbages and carrots! Where are the organic apples, avocados, asparagus and snow peas?

With the help of the internet and Google we’ve done a lot of hunting around for places to find local fruit and veg. In our search we’ve come across a number of interesting websites including the very fascinating discovery of bio-dynamic farming. More on that later…

We’ve managed to track down some local organic producers and the local weekend farmers markets, plus there are a few shops dotted around the outskirts of the city specialising in organic produce. So this weekend we’re off to investigate… Wish us luck (and variety)!

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