Ice Cubes

Warnings gone mad!

I have to shake my head in wonderment sometimes at bureaucracy.  Here are two examples relating to ‘Label Warnings’ I’ve seen this week:

Ice cube bags – so glad to see that they’re labelled as ‘Freezer Safe’!

Monkey Nuts – A supermarket chain has withdrawn bags of nuts – after failing to declare they may contain peanuts.  Now I can understand that people from outside the UK may not know what ‘Monkey Nuts’ are.  For those that don’t know, they are peanuts still in their shell.  But I would have thought that anyone with a serious peanut allergy would (1) be cautious of anything labelled ‘nuts’ and (2) look at the ingredients of everything anyway and in this case the ingredients are just one thing – peanuts!

The nanny state has gone mad!

Has anyone seen any other silly examples?

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