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We're Jammin' Again


It’s that time year again – already.  All the plums are ripe at the same time again, including the Damsons!  Plus we just collected bags & bags of pears too…  Here’s Amy & Zoe helping collect some fruit from our orchard.  They were also great at helping de-stone all the plums in preparation for jam making, but I never got a photo of that.

So now it’s jamming time and I’m actually writing this sitting in the kitchen while watching & waiting for my first batch of plum jam to reach setting point.

As I’ve still got pounds of plums left, it looks like it’ll be a long night (or at least until all my jars are used up)!

JamMy first lot  (3lbs of fruit) is now in jars & my second batch has just started the process (another 3 lbs) and then I think that will be all my jam jars used up for tonight.  That means the Damson jam will have to wait until tomorrow evening…

We also made dried plums yesterday in Claire’s dehydrator and here theyDehydrator are… we’re trying and experiment of soaking them in apple juice and freezing them as a way of preserving them.  It’s worth a try!

With all that sugar added to the jam, I still can’t say it’s healthy, but at least I know its provenance.


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